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The Better Hero Army mission is simply to deliver enjoyable stories. Although the Better Hero Army name is used primarily as a pseudonym (pen name) for mainstream literary fiction author Evan Ramspott, from its onset, Evan's vision was something greater. He wanted a recognizable brand readers could trust, regardless of the genre that the story serves.

Our slogan "Where Readers Find Their Fuel" aligns perfectly with our mission. We want readers who are hungry for a change, but are still hopeful that the genres they love haven't burned them out with repetitive plots and flat characters.

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Q: Why the name Better Hero Army?

Two reasons: (1) because I (the author Evan Ramspott) didn't want to confuse my mainstream fiction readership with my works in other genres, which vary in distinctive and purposeful ways, and may or may not be appealing to those readers, and (2) to create a brand that is easily identifiable by my readers.

Q: Half-breed zombies and gargoyle ghost hunters. How do you come up with your ideas?

Sleep deprivation, mostly. I hardly read anymore, and most of what I read is geared toward improving my literary fiction, so when I sit down to write a Better Hero Army yarn, I think to myself what would I want to read? I base my answer on a few factors. First, I only want escapism. I don't need the scientific explanation of how a zombie half-breed comes into existence, or the full workings of a gargoyle world. I just want enough reality to make it believable. Second, I want it short. Third, I want a good, fast pace with enough action to keep me reading even when I need my sleep. So, in essence, the answer is that I ask myself "what have you not read" and then I go write it.

Q: Why do you write in so many genres instead of sticking to just one?

The way I look at it is that I don't read just one genre, so why should I be forced to write in just one? I write in the genres which interest me, and I don't think that any writer should limit themselves to a specific genre simply because they're concerned about their audience's reaction. If you like my zombie fiction, chances are you'll like my ghost stories because I still write using the same basic principals.

Q: When did you want to become a writer and when did you start?

I've wanted to be a professional writer for as long as I can remember, but my first publication wasn't until 2013 with Plagued: The Midamerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment. Since then I've penned 2 more books in the same series, a stand-alone zombie western, and a ghost story.

Q: What's on the horizon? What will the next book be about?

First of all, I have a commitment to fans of the Plagued States of America series and Girlgoyle to work on their respective sequels. Between these two projects I have my eye set on resurecting a fantasy story which I've had shelved for nearly fifteen years.

Behind The Scenes

Better Hero Army book covers are designed by R Mind Book Cover Design. Check out their portfolio at http://book.dreamcatcherkr.com/.

The Plagued States of America series is edited by Jinxie G. Check out her amazing portfolio at http://jinxiesworld.com/editing/.

The artwork for Girlgoyle was created by Miimork. Check out her breathtaking portfolio at http://miimork.deviantart.com/.

The artwork for Wingless was created by Cherriuki. Check out her stunning portfolio at http://cherryrabbit.net/.

Cover art for all Hollow Mountain Butterfly books created by Guweiz. Check out his sweet portfolio at http://guweiz.deviantart.com/.